iPhemeris Astrology Charts App Reviews

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There is always room for improvement: Declination aspects in the natal chart in the aspect grid, Progressed declination aspects, Primary progressed aspects. Without these the forcasting side of the program is left wanting. With these included I woud give it 5 stars.

Very good app.

Only for advanced learners of astrology


Ive tried many apps and this one is finally everything I wanted. It stores multiple charts, allows you to view the chart on its own, or in conjunction with todays date time and place (transits), or in conjunction with someone elses chart (synastry) - might be nice to see an aspect grid but maybe that will happen in the near future. The last update on this app was amazing. Well done! OK, so wish list. I choose a chart, click transits and it lists all of todays transits to that specific chart. Yum. Lots more to this app, well worth the minor amount of money.


... To look at and easy read. A good variety of options for casting with an extensive ephemeris. Fast and easily shared.

This is Great

Love it so far. Havent tried others. Robust. Love the colour options... Nice added extra


Like the comparison charts. Prog Asc needs to be from Natal chart. Can you make a prog chart from any date? Then compare to natal chart? Easy to read. I use the sky now daily. Easy to access.

Awesome. Love it

Really great app for right now charts, bi wheels & of course, an ephemeris. Not disappointed at all. Thanx for all the hard work put into making this. One thing I would love is ability to make composite charts & progressions.

Much improved

Works well - so handy to have

Exactly what you need

Dont want to buy the book? This is handy

Dont leave home without it!

This app is super handy, easy to use and accurate. Great for quick reference. I love it, use it often and cant imagine how I got along without it in the past. A must have for all astrologers.

Clear, crisp and good support

This app has good design and easy to read layout that is intuitive to use and accurate. Responsive and courteous support. Good work. A tool used daily.

Basically everything you can think of

The most important aspect of this app for me is that it has sidereal astrology and so many more features I wish to learn. Its Deee Bomb!

First Rate App

Does everything I want it to.

Good but…

This is an excellent app, no question. But—when creating a new natal chart it requires manual setting of the trim zone, even when date, time and location are already inputted. That extra step creates mistakes, as it did for me yesterday. You will cast the wrong chart. The app should default to the correct time zone once location is set.

Needs Work

The application is decent overall but this version made the horoscope larger than my screen. This app needs a new version to correct the sizing.

Not working

This app was working fairly well when I first got it. However, it is now completely unable to accurately calculate a simple chart, which, quite frankly renders it useless and unreliable. There are many other sources that offer chart calculations (some free, some not). If youre not sure about this apps accuracy test it against some other programs and see for yourself.


I like this program. It is an electronic ephemeris. Which means it lists in a table the position of certain celestial bodies. I ephemeris does several things other astrology charting software doesnt. 1. You can look up the position of progressed lunar nodes in the ephemeris. Other programs fail to adjust for the mean retrograde motion of the nodes. If this matters to you I ephemeris solves the problem. 2. The astrology wheel for now works in real time, a nice feature. 3. If you want to set your own Ayanamsa I ephemeris allows you to do this. 4. Most astrology apps do not include an ephemeris if you need a portable digital ephemeris this program works. 5. It also has a calendar showing transits to whatever chart you choose. I use Astrogold to generate astrology charts but this app gives you the ability to look at an ephemeris. I ephemeris is a useful addition to other astrology software.

Just perfect

This is a great App. I had some questions and was assisted through iPhemeris support. Ive now purchased the iPhemeris for Mac as well. Easy to use - although Im a very beginner in my astrology studies so Im not yet familiar with the astroids which are included. This App is good for all levels.


I bought this for convenience and the soft ware is certainly worth the price,and there are problems with inputting info and printing is awful. I have a pro soft ware system that I use for fine printing.


I love it, great for following the planets.

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